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Welcome to the world of press-on nails!

Welcome to the world of press-on nails!

     We admit it. Those drugstore press-on nails of our childhoods were super fun but... AWFUL. Flimsy little things, we would spend forever applying them, hoping that the included sizes would fit all of our nails, and dying for them to look natural when instead they stood out like sore thumbs.



     Don’t worry friend, these are not those old press-ons.


     There is a night-and-day difference between those nails and the handmade, customizable glue on nails you can now find. Ours in particular are made from Kokoist soft gel extensions in order to maximize flexibility (essential for long-lasting wear) and gel layers, which give them an incredibly light yet solid feel when you’re wearing them. You’ll probably get used to people asking about which nail salon you go to, but it still feels nice every. single. time.

     Our customers choose Three Graces & Co. for all sorts of great reasons. Some people find it difficult to find the time to make it to the salon for several hours every other week. As a mom of young kids, I definitely understand this struggle! Some would prefer to avoid other people and indoor areas (hello COVID). Some like the flexibility that press-ons provide, preferring to keep an extra set of nails in their travel bag or on hold for a special occasion. Others simply have limited access to nail artists in their area. Whatever the reason, there’s no better time to give fake nails a try.

     Luckily, you don’t need to be a nail technician to apply your press-ons. In fact, you only need a couple of minutes and the application kit that comes with each TG&Co. set. It can seem daunting at first, but I promise that it gets easier with every application. Here are some application tips that will get you well on your way to becoming a pro.

  • Prep is key. You want to have as clean of an application as possible to ensure long lasting wear and bacteria-free nails. To start, you’ll want to remove your nails from the packaging, give them a good wipe down with an alcohol prep pad to make sure there’s no dust on them, and set them up in the order you’d like to apply them (from pinky to thumb, make sure they’re in order). Then, give yourself a mini manicure. File your nails short, buff them, and push back your cuticles. Use an alcohol prep pad to clean the surface of your nails, make sure to get into the cuticle areas and underneath your nails.

  • Next, you’ll need to decide between adhesive tabs or liquid adhesive. If you want nails that last up to 12 hours (although 3-4 hours is the general rule), stick with adhesive tabs. For a set of nails that lasts 1-3 weeks, go with liquid adhesive. I’ll admit that tabs are not my favorite option, as they have a very short life span and make for a less realistic look on your natural nails. They tend to have a raised look with tabs. However, tabs are your ideal choice if you’d prefer to wear your nails for only a short period of time (for instance, a special occasion), and don’t want to damage your natural nails when you take them off. These also make it very easy to reuse the nails at a later time, as they do minimal damage to the nail extensions. Liquid adhesive gives you a better look that can last much longer. However, this means that you’ll need to soak your nails in water when you want to remove the press-ons, as pulling against the adhesive can damage your natural nails.

  • To apply with tabs, place them on your nails, making sure they fit the width of your nails and trimming as needed. Push press-ons down on each tab and voila! You’re ready to go.

  • To apply with liquid adhesive, make sure to work one nail at a time, starting with your pinkies and working your way to your thumbs, as the adhesive dries very quickly. Apply 1-2 drips of liquid adhesive onto your nail bed and the back of the press-on. There should be enough adhesive to see a shiny surface, but not so much that it’s dripping off your nails. Be careful not to touch the adhesive, as it can stick to skin and/or clothing, and make sure to keep it out of range of kids! Bring the press-on nail right up to your nail plate and apply with a downward angle. Press down on the center of the nail for 10-20 seconds, making sure pressure extends to the sides of the nail for optimal coverage. That’s it!

     While wearing your set, a nail or two might not adhere as well as the others. This is especially true if you didn’t have time to prep your natural nails before applying. Don’t worry if a press-on nail falls off- in fact, you’ll probably see it coming. Buff off the remaining nail glue, clean the press-on and your natural nail with an alcohol prep pad, and reapply. If you want your press-ons to last, make sure to avoid water and stop using your nails as tools! These things wear at the adhesive, making it easier to lose a nail.

      Did I miss something? Reach out to me (Ali) at with your questions- I'm happy to help. Otherwise, welcome to our site! We look forward to you finding the best nails, period.

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