Application and Removal

For an easy tutorial on how to apply press-on nails with liquid adhesive, check out the video below!



  • Wash your hands! You want as clean an application as possible.

  • When using a full set, make sure to choose nails that fit your nail bed smoothly, from side to side, without applying pressure to the press-on nail. If you have to push on a nail to get it to fit, it could pull on your nails after you apply adhesive and cause you pain or discomfort.

  • Remove press-on nails from packaging. Determine your nail sizes and arrange in order for each hand. If a nail size is slightly too large, you can file down the bottom corners for a more realistic curve.

  • Push cuticles back with an orange stick. File your nails as short as possible and lightly buff, making sure to round the sides of each nail.

  • Clean your nails and backs of press-ons with an alcohol prep pad in order to ensure no oils, dirt, or dust remain.


To apply adhesive tabs (last 12-24 hours, makes it very easy to reuse


  • Place adhesive tabs on nails, making sure they fit the width of your nails. Trim as needed.

To apply liquid adhesive (lasts 1-2 weeks, most natural application)

  • Make sure to work on one nail at a time, starting with your pinkies and working your way to your thumbs, as the adhesive dries very quickly.

  • Apply 1-2 drops of liquid adhesive to your nail bed and the back of the press-on nail. There should be enough adhesive to see a shiny surface, but not enough to drip off of nails or press-ons.

  • Be careful not to touch the liquid adhesive, as it can stick to skin and/or clothing, and keep out of range of children!

  • Bring press-on nail right up to your nail plate and apply with a downward angle. Press down on the center of the nail for 10-20 seconds, making sure pressure extends to the sides of the nail for optimal coverage. Once you've finished applying the set, wipe off tops of nails with an alcohol prep pad.

  • While wearing your set, a nail or two might not adhere as well as the others. Don't worry if one falls off! Buff off the remaining nail glue, clean the press-on and your natural nail with an alcohol prep pad, and reapply.

  • Avoid water if you possible, as it can loosen adhesive and encourage the growth of bacteria. Wear gloves while washing the dishes..


  • Soak nails in a bowl with warm water for 5-10 minutes.

  • Once the glue is a bit loose, use your orange stick to gently push your press-on nails up from the sides. If they're difficult to remove, do not force! This could hurt your natural nail. Instead, soak nails in warm water for a few more minutes and repeat removal process.

  • Once press-ons are gone, remove glue residue on your nails using a buffer. Make sure to apply cuticle oil to nails and fingers after removing!