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Nail Glue- Everything You Need to Know!

Nail Glue- Everything You Need to Know!

Oh hi there! There are a couple of different ways to get your press-ons to stick, depending on your goal. Here are my favorites:


1) Nail tabs: Nail tabs are included with every nail set. If you'd like to wear your nails for a short amount of time, these are for you!

I highly recommend nail tabs for people who want to check and make sure their sizes fit, as you can easily remove the press-ons while wearing the tabs. I also initially recommend tabs for individuals that do a lot of typing, etc. to make sure that they're able to work while wearing longer nails.


    • Tabs won't damage your natural nails or your press-ons even if you're pulling on them. Your press-ons can be used again when needed.

    • Tabs are incredibly easy to remove and don't require any soaking. Whenever you're ready to remove your press-ons, you can just pull up on the nails and they will pop off.


    • Tabs last a couple of hours, max. If you're using for an event where you want to make sure your press-ons are securely, these are not for you. Be careful! If you apply pressure to your nails while wearing tabs, your press-ons can come off.

    • The tabs tend to give your press-ons a raised or bulky appearance. For a more natural-looking nail, you'll want to use a longer lasting adhesive.


2) KDS Professional liquid adhesive: KDS is also included with every nail set. 

This is the adhesive I recommend for people who are ready to commit to wearing press-ons for more than a few hours.


    • This adhesive lasts much longer than nail tabs, about 1-2 weeks depending on how well you prep your nails prior to using.

    • It dries very quickly, so the application process is fast.

    • It's water soluble. Once you're ready to remove your nails, you can soak your fingers in warm water for ten minutes and that should loosen up the adhesive enough to gently remove your press-ons. This gentle removal should allow you to wear your press-ons again. 

    • The product bottle is tiny, so it easily fits in a handbag or wallet in case you need it on the go.

    • While the bottle is tiny, you should be able to get several full applications out of it.


    • It dries very quickly! Make sure you're ready to place your press-ons before applying.

    • If you accidentally touch the wet adhesive to something other than your natural nails/press-ons, it will stick almost immediately, so make sure not to touch your eyes, mouth, clothing, etc! It needs to stay far, far away from children and pets.

    • Occasionally during regular wear, a press-on nail will loosen and need to be reapplied.

    • Water will loosen the adhesive, so take care while doing dishes, taking a bath, swimming, or doing anything water-related.


3) Dashing Diva Fast Bond Glue: This adhesive is available here. This is my personal favorite when it comes to long-lasting press-on wear- you'll catch me wearing this 100% of the time! It is widely used among celebrities and their nail technicians because of its durability. (For application information, see below!)

I typically recommend this to individuals who are confident that their press-ons fit their nails properly and are ready to wear a set for a few weeks. If you haven't had a chance to wear press-ons yet, I'd recommend one of the above adhesives first- if you pick the wrong nail size and it causes discomfort, the removal process involves acetone and can be frustrating for first-time users.


    • Fast Bond guarantees a secure and long-lasting set, usually about 1-2 weeks before you need to reapply. It fills gaps between the press-on and your natural nail, allowing for a much better coverage. 

    • If your press-ons are slightly translucent, Fast Bond can ensure that you wont see an uneven glue application through the nails. This is because you can heavily apply it, making sure to cover every part of the press-on that will be touching your natural nail.

    • It's water resistant, so you can even take a dip in the ocean while on vacation without ever having to worry.

    • It typically dries within a minute or two, so you are able to remove excess glue and don't need to worry about gluing your nails together while applying- a major plus! 

    • The product bottle is huge! It should last you for quite awhile.


    • There is really only one drawback, in my opinion- it's not recommended for short-term use! It needs a week or two to naturally come off your nails. If you need to remove your press-ons sooner than that, you'll need to soak the nails in acetone and scrape away at the gel, repeating this process as needed. This can dry out your natural nails and destroy your press-ons.

    • As with the other adhesives, it needs to be kept away from children and pets.


How to apply Dashing Diva Fast Bond adhesive:

  • Make sure to prep your natural nails according to the included instructions prior to application.

  • Once your nails are prepped, I like to apply a decent amount of Fast Bond to the inside of the press-on nail. This will not only ensure that the nail is fully covered with adhesive, but will also fill any gaps between the press-on and your natural nail. Talk about a good fit!

  • Make sure to use the glue application tip to spread the Fast Bond adhesive to all areas of the press-on that will be touching your natural nail. You'll notice that this application area is the matte area of your press-on nail. The shiny part of the back of the press-on is the tip of your nail and doesn't require any adhesive.

  • Once your adhesive has been applied, press the press-on to your natural nail, making sure it's on straight. As this adhesive takes a minute or two to dry, you will have plenty of time to make sure it's on correctly. Check to make sure there's no adhesive coming out around the sides of the nail- if there is, just wipe away with an alcohol wipe or tissue.

  • Hold the nail down until it feels secure. Voila! You're done- enjoy your fancy new nails!

As usual, let me know if you have any questions!

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