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Tips and tricks for press-on nails

Tips and tricks for longer-lasting press-on nails

Well, it's happened. You've lost a press-on nail. The great news is that 99% of the time, your glue on nail has just popped off without damage. Inevitably, your adhesive will begin to wear and the nail might become loose, leaving it vulnerable to your every day actions. This means that you can reapply, no problem. However, if you'd like longer lasting nails, there are some things you can do to help. 

  • Take extra care during prep. You want to make sure your cuticles are pushed back and you've properly buffed each nail. The buffing ensures that the adhesive sticks to your nails, which is crucial for long-lasting wear. Use the alcohol prep pads to remove dirt and oil. These will also dehydrate your nails, which will assist in adhesion.

  • I find my nails stay on longer when I apply liquid glue to both my natural nail and the back of the press-on. At first this can be kind of tricky during application, as you will need to keep your fingers from touching the adhesive. Rest assured, you'll get used to it in no time.

  • I'm not kidding when I say avoid water. One of the great benefits of these nails is that you can soak them in water to remove them. However, this means that other water activities have the same effect. Does this mean you can't swim on vacation? Go crazy, friend. Your nails can adapt to your life. What it does mean is that if you know you'll be swimming, make sure to bring your adhesive on vacation with you. Often times, you'll notice after water activities that a nail or two feels a little more loose than normal. This goes for baths as well. Washing dishes is a distant cousin, but I like to use this excuse to encourage my husband to do them instead. Please don't ruin this for me. ;)

  • Laundry. My nails always feel extra vulnerable when pulling laundry out of a washing machine and then throwing it into a dryer. Take care while handling heavy, wet clothes.

  • Nails are not tools. I don't know how many times I have to say this and yet I'll still occasionally go for it. This applies even when it looks like your nail might be the perfect fit for something. The more pressure you put directly on your nails, the more likely you'll see issues. This is the case whether you're wearing TG&Co. gel press-ons or a hard acrylic set.

  • Don't chew on your nails. Just don't.

After you've worn press-ons for awhile, you'll start to know what to do and what to avoid like it's the back of your hand. Have any other tips for us? Let me (Ali) know at!

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